Contest Opens Dec. 25th, 2022.

Treasure Hunt!

Treasure Hunt!

Welcome to Halflight's Treasure Hunt Contest! 
This year We Will be offering Free merchandise from TheOtakusCloset.Com and Hentai-Clothing.Com until it's all gone. All you have to do is find it online by searching for clues withing our 5 sites. Find the 100% off coupon code - Go get the product. No purchase necessary. 
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Official Rules and Guide

We're Giving Away 50 Limited edition Items this year starting with 10 Arcade style Japanese Folklore T-Shirts. There will only be 10 of these shirts made and to win is easy.

Every winner must find two things to win. You must find the Prize (the treasure chest) and the PROMO Code (the key.)

The prize will always be listed on either Hentai-Clothing.Com or TheOtakusCloset.Com as a Treasure Hunt Prize (NOT FOR SELL) but you may have to search around our products to find it.

The PROMO Code will be in all CAPS and contain HCXTOC. The PROMO Code can be Found in the Description/Comments section of any uploaded image or post on our 3 Social Media accounts, or within the product descriptions on our 2 Shop Sites.


The code will ONLY WORK ONCE!
As soon as you find the Code, Put the Prize in Your Cart and head to Check Out.
Use The 100% off PROMO Code and You'll see the Price drop to $0.00. Finish the Checkout and the Prize will be sent to you. Easy.

For Every Prize I'll include a Clue to help You find the Treasure and the Key.

Below you will Find Clues, a List of Winnersm and Guides as to Where to Look for PROMOS.

Clues are updated Everytime SomeOne Wins and the PROMOS are Replaced within 1 week. New Contest Start Dates are posted Below AS well.

Quick Links are in the Menu Bar.
Happy Hunting!


This is Where to Look for Prizes and PROMOS. Follow this Guide, The internets is a big place.



These People Have Won Already.

No Winners So far. Keep searching!

Remaining Prizes

  • Prize 1 10/10 Remaining
  • Prize 2 10/10 Remaining
  • Prize 3 10/10 Remaining
  • Prize 4 10/10 Remaining
  • Prize 5 10/10 Remaining

Current Clue

To Find The PRIZE:

The Current Prize is on the Front page of TheOtakusCloset.Com.

To Find The CODE:

"In an instant I can see every step I need to take, at every fork along the way, and exactly when to move to get what I want. It'll be 3 years until I'm free from one direction... easy when it's one, not so easy when it's 1000."

I dwell in my mind for a while and try to move as little as possible.

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