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Anything. Reach out to us and let us know what your thinking.
  • Find the Prize First!

    Everytime the Contest Resets, I hide the prize in the Catalog of one of our Sites.

  • The Prize May Contain an Extra Clue

    Use the Clues to narrow down where you think the PROMO Code might be otherwise you'll be looking through every post and product description in all 5 places to search! Ouch!

  • Extra Clue "Cinnabar Island"

    Found the prize, got the extra clue...

  • "Cinnabar Island"

    Pokemon games on the gameboy would have this glitch. Missing No. would appear if you surfed up and down the left side of Cinnabar Island. Found the PROMO in a Pokemon Product Description!

  • Pay attension to the details

    IT won't Be Easy.

  • Go to Our Facebook

    Find PROMOS on Our Facebook.

  • Look through Stuff

    A Promo Code may be hidden in plain sight. You may find one in the comments, the posts, or the photo uploads. Check the comments and description!

  • Find the Code.

    The Code You find will be the current code. Every code Can only be Used Once and we Will remove the old codes.

  • Check Our DeviantART

    Search through the Galleries, Check the Comments and the Descriptions for our latest PROMO Code to get 100% off Otaku Merch in my Treasure Hunt Contest!


    You got the code now go use it! The PROMO CODE will always be in all CAPS and will always contain HCXTOC


    It's called a treasure hunt for a reason. The code can be in any Of these Uploads, New or Old.

  • Hurray! you found one.

    50 Plus Prizes to be Claimed this Year. Hurry and Get Yours. Head to Checkout.

  • Checkout - Put the PROMO CODE in

    The Price is Very Expensive so no one will buy the Promo Merch, That's OKAY because You have a Code. Just put the code in and watch the price drop.

  • Free Stuff

    The Code Can only be used once. At this point your the winner just finish checkout, pay for shipping, and we'll Ship out your order.

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