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Thick Thighs Save Lives Cutout Anime Booty Sticker

Thick Thighs Save Lives Cutout Anime Booty Sticker

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  • Handmade
  •   Part of KyushaKnights first drop alongside our slap, is our intricate and sexy Thick Thighs cutout! Available in an 4x3 this is a perfect sticker for those in love with thick thighs.

    This Decal is Great for Many surfaces! Laptops, Cars, Windows, Paper, Walls, Mirrors, Travel Mugs, and so much more.
    For the best stick, it is highly recommended to have the vinyl placed onto a CLEAN, DRY, and SMOOTH surface. If you Try to apply this to a Dirty or Rough surface you may damage the vinyl adhesive or get bubbles under the vinyl and it just won't look as good.


    Application is Easy!

    I know a lot of people get a bit worried when it comes to applying Vinyl. You just purchased a sticker and you want to make sure you get it right!
    All you need is a Cleaned Surface and either a Squeegee or a card similar to a Credit Card.

    1. Make sure your surface is Clean! Using some soapy water, and a soft cloth to clean away any dirt, Let the surface dry!
    2. Peel off the Backing paper from the Checkered Transfer Tape. The Vinyl should stick to the Checkered Tape, If the Vinyl is sticking to the Backing paper re-apply the transfer tape and apply some pressure to the area, Peeling the backing paper at a more aggressive angle can coerce the vinyl to separate easier.
    3. Line up your Sticker how you'd like it, the Transfer tape is transparent making it easier to line up how you want it.
    4. Place the sticker down on one corner, using a Squeegee or Credit Card press the vinyl down in an even manner moving across from the corner you pressed down, if there are any bubbles you can attempt to push them out from under the vinyl.
    5. Peel back the Transfer Tape, peeling it back and applying pressure to make sure the Vinyl gets applied to the surface.

    YOU DID IT! Send A Photo, and submit a review, We want to see how it turned out!
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